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There are 3 ways that we serve the food upstairs:

  1. Off the “downstairs” menu. The servers will come around to each of your guests and take a dinner order just like how we would do it downstairs. This is recommended for smaller sized parties.
  2. Buffet style. A table of chaffing dishes containing your menu choices and the tables are set up before your guests arrival. The menu is pre decided and ordered in advance from one of the packages listed below.
  3. Family style. The tables are set before your guests arrival. The food is brought and placed on the tables “family style”. The menu is pre decided and ordered in advance from  one of the packages listed below.

It’s here! “The Room Upstairs” at Polish Village Cafe is officially open and ready to be partied in!

Standard Packages

 Buffet Style:

 Soup & Salad are served to the table.

2 Meats: 12.95 per person

3 Meats: 14.95 per person

 Family Style:

Everything is served to the table.

2 meats 13.95 per person

3 meats 15.95 per person

Choice of:

Options are listed below.





•Salad Item


•Bread & Butter

•Non-alcoholic beverage

•Premium Self Serve Coffee & Tea table. Includes gourmet coffee & tea selection with flavored creamers & syrups.

Meat Options

Stuffed Cabbage


Chicken Livers

Roast Pork


Breaded Garlic/Breaded Chicken Cutlets

Baked Ham

Smoked/Fresh Polish Sausage w/kraut

City Chicken

Pork Chops

Stuffed Beef Rolls

Warsaw Chicken

Stuffed Peppers

Fish- Perch, Pickerel, or Cod or etc will be an additional $3 per person.

4th meat option is available $2/$3 additional depending on choice.

Pierogi Options


Potato & Cheese

Potato & Cheddar




Spinach and Cheese

Jalapeno and Cheese

Sweet Cheese




Potato Options




Au Gratin

Red Skin


Small White

Potato Dumplings


Potato Pancakes are also offered upon request but will be an additional .75 cents per person

Vegetable Options

Green Beans






Mixed Veggies

Soup choice

Dill Pickle



Chicken Noodle


Salad  choice

Tossed salad with Italian & Ranch

Cucumbers mixed with sweet sour cream

Cucumbers mixed with dill & onion sour cream

At Your Table:

Set on the table: bread, salad, soup, water glasses & carafe, dinner plate, side plate, silverware & linen napkins. Tables are all dressed with white linens. Sour cream, mustard, ketchup, horse radish provided.


Some parties require a bar set up. Upon request, that is something that we also can do. We provide a bartender/s. We offer liquor, wine, bottled beer, keg beer. Cash bar or Tab bar. *We’re sorry, but you cannot bring your own alcohol.

Additional Courses


We  offer appetizer trays. Cheese, crackers, rolled meat, cut fruit and veggies with dips. Finger sandwiches and more available upon request for $20-$50 per tray. One tray serves 5/6 people.


We also offer dessert trays. Cookies, cakes, angel wings, etc. Much more as well offered for an additional price. Pricing will vary, depending upon what is chosen. If you need a cake for your party, we can provide one upon request. The cake is cut, plated and served by the staff.

* All desserts will be provided by Polish Village Cafe. If you would like to bring a dessert that is exceptional or unique please ask in advance.

Best Value!!!

Choose 2 meats:

•Stuffed Cabbage


•Baked Chicken

•City Chicken  

•Garlic Chicken      Cutlets  

•Kielbasa & Kraut  

Super Saver Package

$10.95 per person

Buffet Only. No Substitutions.


•Mashed Potatoes

•Green Beans

•Tossed Salad w/ Ranch & Italian (on buffet table)

•Bread & Butter

•Non-alcoholic beverage

•Basic self serve coffee table

“Everyone Gets a Polish Plate” Package

$10.95 per person

Served to the table. No Substitutions

On the plate:

•1 Stuffed Cabbage

•1 Potato & Cheese Pierogi

•1 Kielbasa Chunk

•1 side of Kraut

•1 side of Mashed Potatoes


•Bread & Butter

•Non-alcoholic beverage

•Basic self serve coffee table

Choose 1:


•Tossed Salad w/ Ranch & Italian

•Cucumbers & Sour Cream: Sweet OR Dill & Onion

Booking a party: Contact Carolyn.  Call by phone: (313) 320-3891 or email her at:

Room Charge

A room charge may or may not apply. If you would like the room completely private or you have a small group of people, please inquire with us.

Hey! Check it out!